It is about holding onto something in transience.

So, just what is this Movement/Architecture?



It is a holding on to something transient. It is an appreciation of decadent beauty, a frustration of the need to be always developing, improving, cleaning up. It is a taking in of something external, an internal transformation and an expulsion back into the world. Its future is uncertain. It is because it will change. It is because we will change, we will leave, probably soon, and we want to take it with us. 

It lives in the space from the hips to the solar plexus and neck, but also in the soles of the feet and the way they connect to the floor and how the floor feels. It is an assertion of the right of ownership, the unalienable right to access what fuels us.

It is an act of cartography, a map of a space in flux, a space that has already been and is now becoming something we can’t quite see. 




“To some extent every place can be remembered, partly because it is unique, but partly because it has affected our bodies and generated enough associations to hold it in our personal worlds”



Movement/Architecture Team


Conceived by: Becka McFadden  /  Shot by: Andrew McGibbon  /  Dramaturgy: Mary Ann Hushlak  /  Movement Direction: Sylvie Robaldo  / Performed by: Sílvia Almeida, Alicia Cubells & Becka McFadden  /  Original Music: Matt Marks  /  Video Editing: Becka McFadden & Andrew McGibbon  /  Still Photography: Paul Wade


Beautiful Confusion

Beautiful Confusion Collective (BCC) makes solo and collaborative interdisciplinary performance work inspired by the body and the socio-cultural terrains through which it moves. As international collective, we like crossing borders. Recent work includes Arts Council England-supported BackStories, which in its duet iteration premiered at Resolution! 2015, where it was named a festival highlight, and selected for residencies at Vyrsodepseio (Athens, Greece) and Alfred v Dvoře (Prague, Czech Republic). The solo iteration of BackStories was recently nominated for the Space to Dance award at the 2016 Brighton Fringe Festival. The accompanying photography project ‘What’s Your Backstory?’ was featured in the exhibition SPLICE: live art and photography in collaboration exhibition at Ply Gallery and in NYC-based arts blog Humble. BCC is founder and coordinator of the Theatre Development Studio at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre (HTHAC) and co-founder and co-curator of the Impermanent Festival of Contemporary Performance (ImpFest), filling HTHAC with performance since 2015.